Video Walls

The badass addition your custom home entertainment system has been waiting for

Grid Up

Turn your home entertainment system into the new spot.    Pick how many TV’s you want in your grid, and we’ll bring it to life.  3 x 3 is a popular option and that’s what you see to the left.  Have the power to play a different channel on every single TV, play music while you watch channels, jam video games while you watch football, or join them all for one big picture.  The opportunities are endless.

Commercial Video Walls

  • Restaurant menus
  • Retail price guides and information
  • Automotive dealership screens
  • Office information
  • Bars & cannabis dispensaries

Video Walls for Home

  • Beef up your man cave
  • Sports den perfection
  • Share screens with the whole family
  • Great for parties and events
  • Perfect for the home office

  • Sports channels
  • Video games
  • News & Netflix
  • Music channels
  • Custom AV & home network

Integrate all your media, swap between channels or watch everything all at once.

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